First time setting up heating controls

I’ve just joined the Homey community and am re-installing my network (moving over from nCube) and am looking for advice on setting up my heating controls. My first attempt, using the Secure app, added the Secure SRT321 thermostat ok and it shows up in the devices dashboard; the Secure SSR302 boiler switch only added as a basic device as I understand the Secure app doesn’t support it. This set up wouldn’t switch the boiler on/off according to thermostat demand, either by changing temperature via Homey or directly on the 'stat. The next step was to create an association between the 'stat and switch using the commands available in the 'stats menu but with the same result. Communication between the 'stat and the app seems to be only one way; if I change temperature on the app I get an error message (Error sending value - timed out) and it reverts back to the previous value; changing temp on the 'stat itself updates the app immediately.Does anyone have experience of this set up and has a straightforward guide that will give me control of heating via Homey as well as direct control via the 'stat itself?

Did you get this work in the end?

I am running the beta version of the Secure App and all I get when adding it is


I would be very interested in your progress.