MOES (TUYA) Smart Brightness Thermometer TS0222

Hi all,
I have this very nice Lumen, Temp and RH% sensor (Zigbee), would anyone know what it takes to make this available in Homey Bridge so I can use the values to trigger flows? (the device is recognized when added to the app, but I don’t see any values or settings, just an unknown device:

Thanks a lot!

The Tuya Zigbee app isn’t available for Homey Bridge, so the device is not supported.

As Robert mention the Tuya Zigbee app is not compatible with the Bridge, this is a decision Athom has made. I could easilly add Bridge support to the app. If you feel Athom made a bad decision I suggest you talk with Athom about it.


Thinking out of the box: would there be a way around this? E.g. when I would buy some kind of zigbee bridge that IS supported, coudl I then register the sensor to that bridge and see/read it from within Homey Bridge?
Since I am not aware of any other brand that has a combined Lux, Temp and RH% sensor that IS supported by Homey Bridge?
Or would only buying the Homey Pro 2023 solve this and all my future problems?

Hi Johan,
Hope you are well.
I have now got myself a homey pro (early 2023) and am trying to add this sensor, but without success. Doing something wrong?
Any help greatly appreciated…