Moes smart knob

Hi, Iam thinking of buying something like this smart knob to easily dimm lights by rotating and in second mode (pushing and rotating) change color temperature.
On the Tuya app page this button is not specifically mentioned. So I guess it will not work? Or am I wrong here?

That’s a nice gadget!
It’s true it has to be supported by the Tuya zigbee app.
With Tuya (related) devices the firmware can be different for the same type, or similar looking device.
The needed info can only be discovered by buying it, pair and interviewing it, and then request support → here’s the how-to.

Or, the quickest, but not the most easy way (and, it depends on the cloud):

Oh when you’re interested, I found a much cheaper one here, around E 14,60

Thanks, I think I will try it and then follow the how to to request support. I think there will be other people that would like integrate this.

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Agreed, I did not see such versatile knob before.
It has an unknown ETA, while the dev is working on it in is spare hours, and maybe a bunch of donations speeds up things :wink:

I have this smart knob too, did you manage to request support to add it?
because I cannot pair it directly to my Homey yet…


Hey, I have gotten my homey pro two weeks ago and looked into this. I followed the the steps that were explained in the previous post.
However apparently someone already made the request for this knob and it hasn’t been integrated yet.
Since this is all done on a voluntary basis it might take some time.

I have looked at the code at github but haven’t had the time to actually do stuff.

I sent the dev manufacturer code via github, to get this device registered.

Great Job! I didnt know they switched the process to directly add request in Github now.

Yeah it’s changed lately, it’s explained in the Tuya Zigbee app topic:

I just received the Smart Knob, and I still don’t see it in the Tuya Zigbee app. Do you have any updated information?

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Use Tuya zigbee test version

“Which device have you linked it to? I don’t see the ‘smart knob’ anywhere.”

It doesn’t really matter how you pair it, Homey will automatically pick the correct device driver once it’s paired (provided it’s actually supported).

Ok thanks. I´ll check it later