Ajax online Zigbee devices

Anyone know if it is possible to add this device?

Have bought 2 of them but can not get them to work. Know they work if you connect them to external hub (alexa, nest etc)

Have you tried adding them as generic Zigbee devices? Pick the “Homey” app when adding the device, then pick “Zigbee”.

Hello Robert
Yes i just tried that and then it only adds like a standard on off device. Can not dim or change color.

I’m not sure, but it could be part of Tuya: https://www.ajaxonline.co.uk/product-brands/tuya-smart-life/

You could try the tuya app and if it’s not seen, then you have to send the product/device/profile ID to @johan_bendz, maybe he can add the device to the latest test version of the app (V5 needed). This info can be found at the advanced settings section of the device.

If it’s not part of Tuya, then another app is needed for Homey. Not sure if it already exist then.

I assumed it would only be a “simple” light, but dimming and color changing require a specific app :frowning: