Can't find Novo Led Walldimmer (Zigbee)

Hi all, i’m pretty new to Homey, just recieved it last week.
I did connect my Mi-lights with the iBox bridge, a few Chromecasts, and 2 HK Citation speakers.

Now I’m trying to connect my two Novo Led Walldimmers. They should work on Zigbee protocol:

Now I use the dimmers with the Smart Live app (that is for Tuya) on my phone.
But offcourse I want to connect them to my Homey.

What I did try:
There is no Smart Life app for Homey.
The dimmer is not mentioned in the Tuya app in Homey.

I’ve put the dimmer in learn mode but Homey cant find them when I search for Zigbee.

Does anyone have an idea what to do?

When I examine the link it states that it uses WiFi.

As @MrFloppy already stated: you’re linking to a WiFi device. In that case, it may work with the Tuya Cloud app.

Yes, that’s working. Thank you!!