Sunricher Smart Zigbee dimmer


Can’t find any topic about an app for this Zigbee dimmer.

I got this LED dimmer: SR-ZG2835RAC

The only problem is that the Sunricher app for Homey doesn’t support it. What can I do to get this dimmer into Homey?

Try the robbshop app.
Several units robbshop is selling are rebranded Sunricher units (I have sunricher SR-ZG9101SAC, SR-ZG9040A that run with robbshop)

The EasyLightning app supports devices from Sunricher.

Thank you! Will try it out :+1::blush:

Do you know if Nedis smart PIR is supported in Homey?

If you search in the Homey app store for Nedis you will find the Tuya app.
It supports a lot of brands.
Maybe it wil work.

I will try it, but I can’t find the right model to pair with.

I bought the Nedis smart PIR motion sensor (Zigbee) and it is possible to add it directly to Homey through Tuya Zigbee.
The only problem is that Homey think this is a switch and not a sensor.

It’s saying “Unknown Zigbee Device”, so it’s not being recognized.

Okay, then unfortunately it won’t work.

I have added another Zigbee device that gave me the same “unknown” tag.

But that works. It’s a dimmer:
Does the brand have something to say?


Homey’s generic device support only supports on/off and dimming capabilities, which make sense for a dimmer to have. Your sensor may be telling Homey that it also supports on/off, when in fact it means to say that it supports “(no) movement detected”. Only a dedicated app/driver can provide the proper translation (and device type).

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Thank you for the info. I understand why the situation is what it is now.

Maybe it’s better to buy a Zigbee gateway to control the Zigbee devices. And Homey can integrate that gateway.

Usually the procedure is the other way around.
Check which device is supported by Homey, and then buy this device.

Or do you also buy cheap car tires first, dimensions doesn’t matter, and then look for a matching car? :wink:

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Devices that look like devices that are supported may not actually be supported, and the only way to find that out is to buy them :grimacing:

@Tirrazo : have you tried the test version of the Tuya Zigbee app? Tuya Zigbee | Homey

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With the car, it’s like that :smiley:
But I feel it’s like Robert says, I have to buy the components and test them.

I have bought several Zigbee devices where some are supported and some are not.
Someone has an app straight in the Homey appstore. Some can be added through Tuya Zigbee.
Some of them just won’t work.

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I haven’t had the time.
That will be my next move :sweat_smile:

I tried it and this is what happened:
Gives me this first:

Then this: