Zigbee Dimmable driver

Hello from a Homey newbie.

I have a zigbee SRP-ZG9105-24-50CVT dimmable driver, is it possible to get this to talk with homey? Im seriously dont know what app to connect it to.

Hope someone has the answer. Thanks.

Google says it could be a Sunricher App for Homey | Homey
but I see tree other Apps popup on that brand.

Ye but that app seems to support z-wave not zigbee?

Ah, you are right but have you tested the other 3 apps? including the

as that one also supports a couple of ZG910x devices, maybe ask here:

The robshopp zitbee dimmers are also manufacturee by sunricher.
My sunricher zigbee dimmers work fine using the robshopp app