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This App adds support for the Zigbee devices and the Z-wave devices of Sunricher.

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Any requestions please post them below.


Hi! Great app and thanks!

Would it be possible for you to add support for SR-ZG9101SAC-HP-SWITCH-2CH (2 channel zigbee relay including energy monitoring from Sunricher)?
Many thanks in advance!


Hi, Mats!

Thanks for your reply, I will support SR-ZG9101SAC-HP-SWITCH-2CH, I’ve added this task to my schedule. I’ll get back to you here.

After my post I noticed in the change log that in February you added support for ZG9101SAC_HP_SWITCH, but I am unsure if this is the one channel version?

Hey! I’m in a planning stage and found a very challenging issue. We have found a light that seems to only want DALI controls. because it’s a design object going for a different light is not an option so I need to make it work with a smart home.

after way too much googling I found this:

I do not see the sr-2411-zg listed in your supported devices but you do list “zigbee dimmer”. will your generic dimmer support basic operations? e.g. on/off and set %light level?

if it does you probably have solved my challenge of a proper controller for the lights.

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Yes, I also added support SR-ZG9101SAC-HP-SWITCH-2CH.

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This App doesn’t support SR-2411-ZG now, I can add it if you need it.

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Thanks!! :grinning:


Is it possible to add SR-ZV9101FA-DIM(1-10V/PWM), z-wave with 2x 0-10v output?

The SR-ZG9101FA-DIM(1-10V/PWM), Zigbee with 2x 0-10v output, do i use the ZG DIM and works both channels?

Best regards
Johan F

Hi, Johan!

I am going to test them next week. I will add them.

Best regards

Hi Wang,

I’ve just received the new microwave based zigbee occupancy sensor. (SR-ZG9030A-MW), I think it would be the first mw sensor that Homey can support. Would you be so kind and implement it to the app?



Thanks for your feedback. I might complete this task by next Friday.

Best regards,

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Great! Thank you Wang!!!

Hi Fac3,

Please update to the latest version 1.0.25 and then take a test.

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Hei Easylighting
I’m really struggling with the the same dimmer but with a different brand name:
ENVILAR ZG102-BOX-UNIDIM (EAN: 5712716078505)

I have around 20-24 dimmers installed and I would really appreciate if you by any chance could help med out by adding the dimmer in your app or let me know if there is anything that I can do to make it work. Adding the device in HOMEY will be “unknow device” and the feedback from the dimmer wont work at all.

I would really apricate if you or any other users could help me out.

Best of luck, Norgaard83

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Hi Norgaard83,

I just recovered from COVID-19. Can you provide me the Manufacturer ID and the Product ID of the device, you can find them in the Edit device → Advanced Settings page.

Best regards, Wang

HI Easy-Home

Sorry that you had to struggle with Covid-19. :sneezing_face:
Manufacture ID: ENVILAR
Product ID: ZG102-BOX-UNIDIM

If you need any further information please let me know

Hi Norgaard83,

I have updated the App to support your device, now the App is waiting for review. Also you can take a test by install the test version App from the link below.

Thanks for your concern.

Best regards.

I’m testing it for a week approx. It’s awesome! Is it possible to disable the automatic dim/onoff function when it detects motion?

Hi Fac3,

There’s an App named Smart Sensor Tools, you can search it in the App Store or Google Play. Maybe you can change the Motion sensor working mode via this App.

App Store

Google Play