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Woooow! And again woow!!! Thank you for this info! It’s an awesome thing. Do you know where can be found the info about all the supported devices of this app?

Did you test the App? Does the App support your device? Perhaps it only supports this type of sensor.


Sorry that it did take some time to test the update. The update seems to be working fine and the dimmer has been added to my Homey.

I really appreciate your help and thanks for you time.

Thanks a lot mate


Thanks for you feedback, I’m very glad to hear that!

Yes, Sensor Tools works flawless with SR-ZG9030A-MW.


Any progress with the SR-ZV9101FA-DIM(1-10V/PWM) and SR-ZG9101FA-DIM(1-10V/PWM).

Best regards
Johan F

Hi Johan,

Can you provide me the advanced settings page of those devices in the Homey App?

Hi, do you have plans to add the SR-2411-ZG Zigbee to Dali controller? Thanks

Hi ReneRjs,
I have applied for a sample of this device and I will add it when I get the sample.

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Is it possible to ad this to the app?


Yes, I am going to add it when I finished my current project.

Dear Wang,

Please modify the drivers of both ZV and ZG series on/off, on/off 2ch, on/off B, 9100A-S. I’d like to use these in my projects for engineering purposes, therefore there is need for changing these modules device category to “Other”, “Heater” or “Fan”. (in the new iOS app under development - Test Flight - I can see “Wall Plug” instead of “Other”)

Thanks for your efforts!



Do you have any plans to support SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH? Its the Zigbee Push-button Coupler.



I have been using the Z-Wave LED driver (SRP-ZV9105-12-50CV) from Sunricher for years. via the Sunricher Homey App.
Now that I use the PH23, the original Sunricher no longer works, it is possible to add the (SRP-ZV9105-12-50CV) Z-wave led driver in the Easylighting app.



Dear Gergely,

I’m going to update this feature in a few days.


Hi Joel,

Sorry, SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH is made for HUE, I don’t know how to add it on Homey.


Hi Eric,

I’m going to add it in a few days.


Dear Gergely,

I don’t quite understand your needs, do you mean the feature on the following pictures?


Dear Wang, yes, I mean the feature above on your scrshots. I tested it with the ZG-on/off B module and was not changeable. I’m just checked with simple ZG-on-off and neither changeable.

Dear Gergely, It’s a feature for the Socket device, maybe I need to offer an option to change the device type from light to socket.

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