Dimmable Zigbee Driver compatible with Homey

HI all,

I want to control the led-spot in the roof of my veranda in the garden, through the Homey (Pro).
The company adviced me the zigbee sr-zg9101fa-dim dimmer, which would be able to control the led-spots.

I can’t find if this zigbee driver will also work with the Homey. Anyone can help me with this?
There is a manual online, which indicated that it is compaticle with the hue bridge.

Do you know if this will also work with the Homey?
Or, maybe you could advice another driver which could be controlled by the Homey (with dim-function)?

Thanks all in advance.

Why it has to be zigbee? Are those Led spots 220v powered? If yes, then Fibaro or Qubino zwave modules will do the job and are fully compatible with Homey and other controllers.


Thanks for your reply.

I prefer zigbee because of the 2way communication.
The ledspots are 12v, but there is another “dumb” driver, which converts the 220v to 12v and which controls the RF remote now.

Zwave is 2 way as well. For this setup, Fibaro rgbw module should be fine. You can use wifi module from shelly as well. It has one benefit, you can control module connected to 12v by 220v switch.

Thanks for the tip, didn’t knew that.
Do you mean this Fibari RGBW module? https://www.robbshop.nl/rgbw-controller-2-z-wave-fibaro

As this device-model is different than the linked driver in the OP, I thought this is another device.
On the Robbshop site, it doesn’t show that this is compatible with the Athom Homey, this product ishows it is compatible:

Would this also work for the 12volt lights?