Led drivers 12-24v for homey

Hi, seems to be missing led drivers that support 12-24v with support for zigbee, wifi and z-wave. Can somebody point me in a direction of a brand?

There is a Qubino 0-10V z-wave flush dimmer, suitable for low-voltage LED, or do you need higher voltages?

I also search for this without success, therefore I decided to build my own😉

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There is already a dutch post, but I can understand if not everyone can read that, so let me summarize pretty much every option (brand) that was apposed as option there for rgb(w/cct) controller as device/module that is currently supported in Homey.

  • Aeotec (z-wave);
  • Fibaro (z-wave);
  • Qubino (z-wave);
  • Gledopto (zigbee);
  • INNR (zigbee);
  • Philips hue (wifi or zigbee);
  • Magic Home (wifi);
  • Lifx (wifi);
  • Milight (proprietary and wifi);

also Shelly (wifi) and not expensive