Sunricher CCT remote dimmer switch not recognised by Homey

I’ve had a lighting system installed with several Sunricher CCT remote dimmer switches. However, I couldn’t find a Zigbee ID for this device, to do the set-up with Homey Pro controller. However, this CCT remote switch is not listed in EasyLighting, which supports Sunricher products, and I can’t find a Zigbee ID for it.
This switch looks much like the RGB remote switch with Zigbee ID ZGRC_KEY_009 - but instead of the RGB buttons, it has WW and CW buttons.

Has someone possibly fond a Zigbee ID for this switch?
I understood from the local dealer that Sunricher may not have up-dated its product info in Homey app.

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This is the procedure for getting the Zigbee ID (internal designation!) and other necessary information from a Zigbee device:

  • add the device as generic Zigbee device
  • go to and interview the device (column Action → 3 dots → Interview)
  • copy the information and provide it to the app developer

In this case, please ask the app developer of the EasyLighting app if he would add this device.
Please do this in the corresponding forum post for the app: