Help with re-including Livarno LED filament bulb (HG08133A)

Hi Homeys!

So I have these three Livarno LED filament dimmable bulbs that I have been using in three living room windows. I had to delete them from the system due to reasons and now I’d like to include them again.

For the life of me I can’t remember what app or device I used last time to add them! I have tried both the Lidl and the Tuya Zigbee app, and tested several of the bulbs listed there but the bulbs refuses to be included.

Non of the apps have the exact device, but I’m 100% sure that I did manage to include the bulbs when I bought them…I even wrote a flow to dim them to 80% when they were turned on. My best recollection is that I used the Tuya Zigbee app…but I can be wrong.

I did manage to reset the bulbs manually by toggling the power slowly three times and the bulb started fade in and out.

Can someone please help me?


Have you tried including them as a generic Zigbee device? In the app, add a device, then choose “Homey”, “Zigbee”.

I had not, so I did…no joy.

This made me think that there was something wrong, so I did the Windows fix, restarted Homey and tried again…success!

I tried both the generic Homey app and the Tuya, both worked…so there must have been a hick up in Homey itself.

Thank you robertklep! :+1: