Adding AURORA AONE GU10 bulbs


I am new to Homey and just upgrading from a Samsung SmartThings. It seems to be impossible to add Aurora AOne GU10 smart bulbs. These can be added to a Samsung SmartThings hub but cannot be seen on a Homey. The Aurora app only lists one item (an inline dimmer). I am feeling a little disappointed. Any thoughts?

Check before you buy next time :wink:

Homey depends on apps for device support, and if there is no app that provides support for these devices, you won’t be able to get them working (at least not fully; you can add the device as “Simple Zigbee” device, but that will only support on/off, not RGBWW).

You could ask the developer of the existing app to add support for the GU10’s, but given that they are Zigbee the developer would probably also have to restructure the app to get it working on the upcoming v5 firmware. So it’s not a matter of just adding support for these bulbs.

Because the Aurora App lists only the Inline Dimmer, most likely no other Aurora devices are supported yet.
However, you can ask the Aurora App developer if he can implement your devices.

Thanks for these suggestions. I did try to do the research by Athom don’t make it easy to view a list of supported devices. It simply says 50,000 devices supported and you assume they support everything. Sadly not the case. I will contact the developer to see if he can help.

How do you add a simple zigbee device btw?

From the mobile app, when adding a device, choose “Homey > Zigbee”.

Hi, is there any development on this request? Should be great to integrate the AONE bulbs in Homey environment.

I don’t know because I don’t use this app. I have only pointed out how to possibly get in touch with the app developer. Therefore the same advice, ask in the relevant thread:

Also please search the forum for more information.