Anyone try the new Aurora Aone zigbee socket?

I saw these:

And it seems they work with SmartThings too and support like a normal double socket supporting 13amp in the U.K.

I was disappointed when I found GetDen used a custom version of Zigbee and required a hub.

Looks like these Aurora ones may work direct by the looks of the SmartThings forum.

Anyone tried using them with Homey yet? Or any other system?

Wondering if they work and how well.

I ordered one to play with when I get time.

Priced at around £60 makes them similar to Lightwave or using a smaller module

I played with it, it paired as a default device and if you turn off and on, it controls both sockets for now. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have them in use with Homey still?
Has support for energy monitoring been added in the meantime?