How to find out if a device is supported and how to use it when it's not supported

I’ve ordered my Homey Pro a couple of days ago.

I’m thinking of replacing all my electrical wall sockets with:

According to this thread, the basic functionality of this socket works with Homey - you can turn it on and off. That said, I’m really keen to use the energy monitoring capability.


  • How can I find out if Homey can read the energy monitoring information of this socket?
  • As a developer, is there an option to write code / plugin / app to support it?

Thanks for your two cents.

First of all there has to be an app, and if there is an app, your device should be supported. There is an app Aurora link but your device is not supported. In that case as you mention only basic on/off will be supported. Energy measurements are not supported.

At this point it stops for aurora.

You can search for a workaround. Sometimes ifttt does support other(more) devices as Homey. Homey has an Ifttt integration. ( as far I could see Aurora is not supported by ifttt)

You could also search for Google Home. Homey had an integration for Google Home. Google home has an integration for Aurora. This means you have to puzzle what is supported. In case your device is supported you can make a virtual device. This virtual device can be synchronised with Google. From that point on you can make routines, like if the virtual switch is switched on in Homey, switch on aurora. But it is only a one way connection. Google is not able to send data to Homey, as Homey can send data to Google.

Maybe there are more options, but basically this is it.

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Thanks for your answer! That’s really helpful.

I will cancel my Home Pro order … and wait a couple more years :innocent:

It seems I could write my own community app :thinking:

Sure if, you are a developer yourself you can. There is an app, so you have to contact the developer, if he can add your device, or if he has abandoned the app he can transfer the app to a new developer. You are able to contact him in the appstore @ his app. Scroll all the way down.

Edit: just saw your post is 12 months old, so you figgered that out yourself already.