Scolmore ClickSmart+

Hi Guys, picked up one of the Scolmore ClickSmart+ double wall sockets (UK type).
Good looking socket and if i can get it to work would be interested in a quite a few of them.
Trouble is there is no app, i know this has been discussed before and i have read and try everything that has been suggested on here.

I can only get one of the two sockets to work using either a generic Zigbee device or the Tuya Zigbee App. Frustrating as it works very well, responds quickly and looks the part.

Just in case i am missing something i want to ask if anyone has tried these and managed to get both sides to work ?

If anyone out there is capable of writing an app, i would be interested in supporting them with devices ?

Homey Pro 2023 on 10.3

No, just single wall sockets are supported as generic Zigbee device. For double wall sockets an app is needed.

You’d best ask for support here

And in the meantime, try the test version of the app, it supports many more devices.

(To me it looks like a Tuya whitelabel 100%, by looking at the Android app screenshots)

Thank you Peter, that does look promising.
I will try it when i get home.


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Close but no cigar !
Have put in a request for a new device.
I can see existing devices with same name, but different manufacture, so hope it is an easy (ish) task.


Yeah, how convenient it would be when those devices were the same under the hood.

For sure @Peter_Kawa !

Been playing with this socket i have, but only set as a single gang, and it is quick and the range appears very good. It ticks a lot of boxes for me if i can get it added !

Not sure how long it takes to get it added as there seems to be requests going back to last sept on the Github. if i knew how to do it myself i would, but that is a bit beyond me.


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