Scolmore Click Smart

I need some advise, much appreciated if you could help…

I have the Homey Pro…

I am looking at installing * ClickSmart+ receiver to control my lighting and appliances in the home. The device is a zigbee switch module

When I type the brand name to Homey to connect this device it doesn’t bring this brand up. As this is a zigbee module is there a simple way that homey can connect to it.!

Zigbee switch module|463x500


Hi Darren,

Please always mention which Homey. The Cloud / Bridge or Pro version.
You could use a tag for that too.

Assuming you have Homey Pro.
You could try to add it as a Homey generic zigbee device
Install Tuya Zigbee app and try to find a matching device when adding it.

If it isn’t supported yet, you can request support for it here

Thank you Peter, much appreciated :+1:

Kind regards

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