Clicksmart+ 2 gang smart socket 30036

Can this device be connected in any way to homey pro.

Did you tried the search function?
There is someone who suggested the Tuya app.
Or try it as a generic device
Maybe that will work.

Hi. Yep I searched and tried the tuya app. The 1 gang switch worked but only on 1 gang, not doth gangs.same result when using the homey pro generic Zigbee app.
Thanks for trying to help

There is also on this forum a topic from @Peter_Kawa where he explains how you maybe can add devices to the Tuya app.
I can not find it at this moment.

There’s 2 different ways, both described and linked to, in the post #1 of the dedicated Tuya Cloud app topic

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Ah, maybe i should have said that I’m using the homey pro early 2023 and the tuya zigbee app. My bad. And the Clicksmart+ wall socket 30036 is also zigbee.

Oh too bad. There’s 3 Tuya apps you know Maybe using full app names next time gives you more useful answers.

In this case, go to the dedicated Tuya Zigbee app topic
Links to that and other ways of support are almost always present at the bottom of app store app pages

Thanks peter

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