Smart Power strip 4 sockets Model SM-SO306E-2W

Dear all

I have connected the Smart Power strip 4 sockets Model SM-SO306E-2W to my homey PRO by using ZIGBEE.

This device is unknown. However, it is connected as a SINGLE socket and the switch ON/OFF manages only one socket of 4. Is there a way to configure that device to manage the 4 sockets ?

ZIGBee device details :
Supplier ID : _TYZB01_vkwryfdr
Product ID : TS0115

Thanks in advance for your help

Yes, by searching the forum, in which case you would have found the Tuya Zigbee app page which explicity mentions this device as being supported:

Thank you very muck Robert.
I got the homey PRO today and i am not yet familiar with the product and the product. The brand name TUYA is not printed on the device. How do you know it is a TUYA ?

I have installed the Tuya application onto my homey PRO and i have configured my Power Strip 4 sockets and it works fine.

I didn’t, but I searched for “_TYZB01_vkwryfdr” on the forum.