Generic zigbee Light switches

Hi there Homey community i have a question regarding a product of mine I am looking to purchase Homey Pro 2023 I have done some research into what types of devices Homey supports I know that it supports Genric Zigbee devices so I am wondering if it will work with generic Zigbee light switches they vary between 1-3 gang switches such as these Us EU UK Au Type Remote Control 1gang Tuya Zigbee Scene Wholesale Touch Smart Wall Light Switch - China Tuya Smart Switch and WiFi Switch can you please let me know before I go buy homey

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The link points to a wifi device.

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Yes I know but I have confirmed it is a zigbee device

Try and get one sthat are Tuya compatible, then you could use the Tuya ZigBee app. ( I use the test version) There’s a whole lot products already supported, you can check that out on forum for the app. If your device is not supported you can request it from the developer.
BTW there is also a Tuya cloud app which supports WiFi . I have a couple of the WiFi light switches are they work fine.

Only Zigbee lamps and smart plugs including energy measurement are supported by Homey as generic devices.
It may be possible that 1 gang light switches are also supported, but 2 and 3 gang light switches are definitely not.

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