Experience with Tuya Zigbee Smart Circuit Breaker

Does someone have experience with the Tuya Smart Circuit Breaker?

I have several lights, fans and a few other devices in my garden. They are controlled from a central place, in a circuit box, in my garage. I want to control them with Homey, in my Zigbee network.

I found this Tuya Smart Circuit breaker. It seems to be able to do what i want: control the devices, with Zigbee but also a switch, and most important, fit in the circuit box with a small form factor.

The question is, will it work with Homey Pro (e23)? I cant find any (positive or negative) experiences. I have found a topic for an app for Tuya, but it has 3000+ posts.

So, has someone ordered this? Does it work with Homey?

Homey Generic Zigbee (no other app is needed) works with every zigbee device which has a on/off function and lights. In other words, in theory it should work fine.
However, I would recommend using a “normal” commonly used brand relay, like ABB / Moeller / Hager , and control it with a smart switch, like a, for instance, Sonoff zbmini


I have the same. I added them as generic zigbee and it works for on/off

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I was wondering the same, it does not look like its fully supported in homey.
Are we afraid of it being a fire hazard?

Well, not sure wat ‘fully supported’ means, i think it doesn’t have any features except for on/off.
I’ve installed 5 of them, working fine, without exception.

But since i’m not sure it’s really a breaker, i installed them behind a real breaker for safety.

See picture: breaker 1 protects tuya (tongou) 2, 3 and 4.

There are a few youtube videos about them that explain some of the basic’s and there was at least one video of an electrical specialist (can not find right now) that did a teardown, conclusion they are dangerous and should not be used in an 24/7 operation. They are nice as a “switch” in hobby project but not to be uses as any kind of breaker/GFCI in a house.


@PoJa84 As far as I know and read you are not allowed to use these circuit breakers in the Netherlands because the neutral is not switched off but only the phase.
The neutral must also be switched off in case of a fault.
And according to the diagram, it seems that only the phase is switched off.


Here’s at least one video that explains (for a different model) why these things are dangerous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd16_Y9xfpw

(with this one, you can actually disable that it should trip on overload :man_facepalming:t3:)

Also, no matter how safe (you think) things are set up, when something bad happens in your home and an insurance appraiser spots those breakers in your consumer unit, your claim will probably be invalidated.

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When it comes to smart home setups, finding the right components can be a bit of a journey. Personally, I’ve had some great experiences with MCBs in similar setups. They’ve been reliable and efficient in controlling various devices, so I totally get where you’re coming from in wanting to explore options like the Tuya Smart Circuit Breaker.Controlling your garden devices from a central place using Homey with Zigbee integration definitely sounds like a game-changer. It’s all about convenience, right? Besides, the fact that the Tuya Smart Circuit Breaker offers both Zigbee control and a physical switch is a big bonus.

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