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Hello all. Not got my Homey yet, trying to find devies to order while I’m waiting, but cannot find any good place to look for devices that is supported by Homey.

Does the device list exist without having the Homey up and running at home ?

My first goal is to control all my wall mounted heaters, so I need wall sockets with energy meter. I guess I need temerapur sensor as a separate device.

My I have som advices here ? Need some so the price does matter.

I’m located in Norway.

Well, Just go to and search for zwave or zigbee.
I think you’ll find your first device there.

Aliexpress doesn’t say of Homey will support the device or not, though.

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That’s my point, and initial question, how can I find the supported list without having a Homey. And second, is it possible to add and unsupported device by doing some programming by my self ?

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Here is a list that should work with Homey.

I do recommend to focus on devices first and then to chceck their compatibility here. E.g. you have several temperature sensors that are compatible, but you may want to combine it with motion sensor, or humidity sensor etc. Also controlling wall mounted heaters can be done via smart plugs (btw, if the heater is constant power, you don’t need plug with power monitoring, you will set the power in Homey and 9,90€ IKEA plug may do the job), or you can use much more expensive thermostat to control each heater (E.g. Heatit) which has inbuilt temp metering and also possibility of local control.
It all matters what you want to achieve and how you want to control your devices. Homey can do pretty everything and its supporting most of the known smart devices.

BTW. there was a good way to find out which devices and third party apps are supported by simple browsing the app store ( but due to the recent change its not so easy :frowning:

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Roco, I seriously doubt that. There is ony 5 socket switches in that list for instance, it must be more than that …

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There is a list like u asked for. If u want a complete list then it’s gonna be hard because new devices are found/build on a very regular base.

I don’t know such heaters, therefore please pay attention to the maximum load capacity (W) of the wall sockets!

mail athom b.v. tell your problem or on facebook or twitter etc, .tyhis is a genuine and mutual problem for peeople who want to buy a homey.

they have a house with dots to see what is possible with homey but a list is in the eyes of athom not cool somehow, isnt sexy anough fotr their website, is the best for you but you then have to fill in hthe search and then look at euach app which devices it support,

that is only the hardware what can be bought at athom bv

what is the url then ?

I think i misunderstood the question, sorry. If this has got to be a list of ALL devices that should work with Homey then there is no url known by me.

Maybe this can help a little.

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Do as lgy told u in the beginning…thats the only correct way, regardless of brand of the controller…