[SOLVED] Generic thermostat?


I have a set of Aqara smart plugs controlling a set of radiators. To that a couple of Aqara Temeprature and humidity sensors. What I need now is a “generic home thermostat” that can both can present current temperature as setting a new preferred temperature through simple “up/down” keys.

Does anyone here know of such a device that will integrate with Homey Pro 2023?

Of course I’d like the Homey to be able to update the panel/thermostat with new data on temperature, humidity and such.


Thanks! Both of you! That is awesome!

I’ve played with the Homey for just a couple of days, so I’m not all that familiar with all the capabilities and the eco-system.

That said, what do you guys think of the EcoBee Lite smart thermostat in order to have physical device as well? Does it integrate well with the Homey or are there any alternatives?


Ah, oooh, I thought you were looking for an app on homey as thermostat, but you’re looking for a physical thermostat that integrates with homey :joy:.
Ok, sorry I misunderstood you.

My advice would be to search for compatible thermostat devices on the homey App Store:

And investigate on experiences from other users for those devices on this forum in the support threads.

Haha! No problems! I really appreciate both categories. I’ll look into this.

Thanks a bunch and have a great weekend!

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There are several options available for integrating a generic home thermostat with Homey Pro 2023. Here are some insights:

Virtual Thermostat and Humidity Controller

The “VThermo” app available on Homey can be used as a virtual thermostat and humidity controller.

Heating Controller

The “Heating Controller” app on Homey allows for heating schedules with utility price support[2].

Device Capabilities

The “Device Capabilities” app on Homey enhances the capabilities of devices.

Physical Thermostat Integration

Regarding a physical thermostat that integrates with Homey, the EcoBee Lite smart thermostat is mentioned as a potential option. However, it is advisable to explore compatible thermostat devices on the Homey App Store and investigate experiences from other users in the support threads on the forum.

Based on this information, it seems that integrating a generic home thermostat with Homey Pro 2023 is feasible, and users can explore both virtual and physical thermostat options for their smart home setup.