Where do people buy products for integration with Homey?


I just bought Homey Pro and ordered a few devices that can be added through Zigbee.

When I searched for a hub for home automation, there were a few different products, but it seems that this over time can give me the most for my money.

In the long run, I want to control or turn on / off the connected devices in the home.
But first it can be useful just to read values, such as power consumption, temperature, humidity, etc.

I have integrated it with Tibber (Norwegian energy provider) to try to disconnect the water heater when the elergy price is at its highest. They have a product called the Aeotech Heavy Duty Switch, but that’s mostly what they recommend due to the high power over time (amps).

It could also be interesting to get a plug that can withstand the effect of washing machine / dishwasher / dryer to include this effect in the daily consumption.

Where is it smart to start so you don’t get lost and want to do everything at once?