A list of hubs/routers that integrate with Homey Pro

Hello all, I am a newbee at this forum.
After using some basic functionality of the Homey Pro last months, I want to extend my home network during these cold days of december.
I have spent a couple of days investigating the possibilities of Homey, starting with the principle: Homey is coordinator surrounded bij routers / hubs and/or end devices. I discovered that I need a lot of time to find the answers to my questions that are primarily focussed on the supported hubs / routers.
Does anyone know if there is a list of hubs/routers that integrate with Homey Pro. That would be a big timesaver for me.

There are different routers/bridges/hubs for different kinds of wireless technologies.


Maybe it is an idea to order them by technology.

I’ll start with a wifi router: [APP][Pro] Netgear Router - Network control, Presence detection, Energy monitoring

This question was already asked 2 days ago by another user in this thread. Maybe you can participate in this thread as well.

@Dijker, maybe you can also merge both threads?