Smartplugs that work with Homey Pro


I am new to Homey Pro and so far I really like it. Since I want to add devices to Flows that don’t have smart functions onboard I want to use smart plugs for that.
I already tested the Hue one and it works like a charm.
Since I need around 5 plugs this is going to be pretty expensive.

As far as I know Tapo/TP Link don’t work in Homey Pro, nor the Humble ones.
Does anybody have a good idea which Smart Plugs work with Homey pro and aren’t as expensive as the Hue ones.

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Blitzzwolf sph 13


At least any zigbee plug should work for the OnOff part. Nothing more (like power measuring). Just add a new device, hit HOMEY and hit ZIGBEE, follow on screen instructions.
It’s also gear on live power, keep that in mind (put a smoke sensor above them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

But keep in mind you also build your zigbee mesh network with mains powered zigbee devices. When it appears to be ‘too cheap ass’ you also can suffer from a lousy zigbee mesh. Just my 2cts

I use these ones (10 pcs), they are quite cheap (now about €47 for 5 pcs) and work like a charm:

For Z-wave i use the same brand (got around 30 of them)

I have the Aeotec smart plug, and that works fine with my Homey pro 2023.
I haven’t done a huge amount of fiddling around with it but it worked fine to control a lamp in a test situation.

I’m using 3 or 4 of them to control heated towel rails. Not the cheapest option probably but…

Cheers, Gray.

Aquara plugs (Zigbee) has worked as a charm for me. cost about 30€ and has energy meetering.

Tapo P110M with energy Monitoring and are Matter over wifi. Very reliable and a good price. On offer quite often too

Lukasz 1 PCS Tuya Zigbee Smart Socket Home Powers Monitor Powers Outlet 16A Smart Life Voice Control Alexa Timing UK Plug

These have power metering and work with tuya ziggbe app( test version)