Smart Power Strips (TP Link)


I’m looking for some power strips (with usb power) which I can control through Homey Pro.

I do have the LEDVANCE power strips but I can’t get them to work in homey.

I’ve been looking at the TP Link P300, but there is no TP app either.

So can you guys recommend any power strips or know if I can get one of those working in Homey Pro?

I can recommend the Lidl zigbee power strips. It has 3 independent switchable power outlets, and 4 continuous powered USB connectors.
I own 2 of them for a year now, they work flawless


There sure is a TP link app, but the model you prefer isn’t shown, but might work

What TP app is that? The one I get when searching is 3 years old.

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It’s not so hard imho? I search for tp et voilà. The other TP app @Henk_Renting linked to, is updated one day ago

I only got the old TP app.
I didn’t get anything else. That’s why I asked.
Sorry about that.