Homey Pro - Planning to buy one but have some questions


I am considering buying a Homey Pro. I have some appliances at home that can be integrated into the Homey. I wonder though, do you lose much of the control options when integrating a product to the Homey compared to the original app ?

I guess it differs a lot depending on the manufacturers and how well integrated it is. But thinking in general terms, how well is it possible to control the whole household through the Homey app alone?

Is it better than a wired system such as KNX system?

I appreciate your answers,

Must devices i have work very nicely with homey, and if the have an own App, the useally keep working in my case.

Also, i only use Homey for my house, and Apps themself.
Like Gardena, the lawnmower is controlled by the Gardena Schedule.
And Homey is just extra.
But for the most part, homey controlles all of my 100ish devices (70 zwave, 1 bluetooth, the others wifi or internet api).
And it works very nicely. But most is “top of the line” stuff that i have.