Thermostatic valve tuya and compatibiles tuya

Good day,
I wanted to ask why so few smart thermocouples are supported in home.

Those that are supported are of better quality but also quite expensive.

A lot of thermocouples make tuya and other brands the starting point.
In the Czech Republic, for example, smat home “Tesla”
I take it with exaggeration, it’s still plagiarism tuya. But the price is far more welcoming.

You can help me where I can find or get help for an application that is not directly supported in the applications.

This smart head cannot be found in the list in tuya zigbee. And I don’t know how to incorporate her or any other device that the zigbee has into the home

Thanks again for the information and for extending the support of other devices. Sincerely, Pavel Šebesta

If it’s Tuya zigbee based, I suggest to read this 1st topic post:

Example of current supported valve controllers