Appairage new Sonoff Zigbee

I bought the Homey pro 23 and thought it was the best box I can find.
But …
I can’t pair Sonoff Zigbee TRVZB thermostatic radiator valve and presence sensor SZNB-06P.
Sonoff is now a major company with good product and price.
Can I hope to have an Apps in a short future with this devices ?
I am not able to program myself.
Is it possible to use the Google nest assistant ?
I have a NAS synergy but I don’t understand enough what to do
Will it be possible to connect a smart life (tuya or sonoff) with Homey pro 23 to drive theses devices by the homey flows
What ca be the best way for me ?
Thank to the one who can help me

Hello Jean-Luc, welcome.

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An app is on it’s way, so this means just to have a little patience for you :wink: :


already requested:


When G assistant supports both devices, in theory yes. But there can be a (big) lag up to 30s. For a sensor it is not very usable, when immediate motion event triggers are desired.

The TRV then can be driven by a virtual thermostat, as if it were a Homey device.
The presence sensor can turn a virtual sensor/switch on and off per Google Home routines, as if it were a Homey device.

Not sure what you mean. Both devices are zigbee devices, from Sonoff, not Tuya