Homey Bridge Local devices

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if the new Homey Bridge will be able to send commands to local network devices like a LAN device?


LAN / WiFi: no
Zigbee, Zwave, BLE, IR, 433MHz: yes

The puck represents the bridge, the :white_check_mark: signs represents the Pro

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Since launch I’ve been thinking about local access to IP devices being not possible with Homey Bridge. I don’t know whether it’s just not implemented or not possible due to hardware issues. I hope just not implemented as I believe not having this will be unacceptable and misunderstood by the target user base and ultimately the Achilles heel for the product.

I understand it becomes a support issue but it’s important for the user experience and sales. I see a lot of posts already about this. I’m hoping this feature might be possible later in at least a ‘basic’ form like device control ??

As a multiple Homey Pro owner it doesn’t really impact me so personally I’m not bleating about being misled - just saying I think it’s a key feature that is missing and will impact the products success.

As said in the AMA YT video, they don’t want the target audience have to fiddle with IP addresses, API keys and what not. More a somewhat plug and play style for absolute non-techies.

I know they did and I personally don’t think it’s beyond their target audience. At least a lot of them. Discovery of many IP devices is available in much the same way as Zigbee or Z-Wave. My own opinion on a major shortcoming I feel.

I have seen you reply to almost every post on here Peter with an authoritative statement on Athom’s behalf - do you work for them or are connected somehow ?

That’s just a load of BS: most devices use autodiscovery nowadays (so no need for IP-addresses) and have “open” local access (so no API keys).

I can think of at least 4 reasons why Homey Bridge doesn’t support local networked devices:

  • the built-in main microcontroller is too limited to be able to handle a decent amount of network traffic;
  • because apps run in the cloud, all that local network traffic has to be uploaded to the cloud to be processed in the app there; when the app needs to send commands to local network devices, it’s the other way around: data has to be downloaded and sent to the local device (the Bridge basically has to become a network proxy);
  • protocols like mDNS, SSDP, UDP don’t proxy very well;
  • Athom doesn’t like paying for bandwidth, and they can’t really control the amount of local network data that has to be sent back and forth to the cloud.

I quoted Athom, just to be clear :upside_down_face:
But you’re right.

They explained / admitted that too.

But why do they still sell it like this, that’s confusing / misleading even

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They don’t care.


Maybe a stupid question, but will the lack of support for local wifi mean that I can´t use things like wifi lightbulbs and switches with Homey bridge?

It depends: if those devices are operated through cloud servers (like a lot of Tuya devices are), then they can be controlled by the Bridge provided that there’s a Homey Cloud app available for them.

If the devices are controlled locally (over the local LAN) then you won’t be able to use them with the Bridge.

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