Homey bridge as extention

Guys I was thinking of using the Homey bridge as an antenne extention to my homey pro. I dont want to pay for monthly fee, i want to run the programs locally on my homey pro and sending the signal to the homey bridge where the zigbee devices are closer.
Plus the infrared signal appeared to be stronger on the homey bridge.

is this possible?

How did you quantify this ?

No, this is not possible. At the moment, the bridge cannot be connected to the Homey Pro as an AP. The range of the bridge with IR does not necessarily have to be better. Direct comparisons are still missing here.

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no its not quantifiable, I am basing it on there keynote, and it cant possibly be worst than the homey pro.

Afaik Homey pro had multiple IR leds all around at the outside instead of one really bright one deep in the middle. I wouldn’t dare to guess the difference based on the keynote.

Seeing the disc design I would dare to guess a led in the middle means a narrow horizontal plane and no direct IR light above or below. That will work well at similar hights but will rely on reflection of walls for anything outside that plane.

But I also do not think the Homey PRO IR problems were related to IR led strength but to software implementations and lack of proper IR learning. So if that doesn’t change, the IR led strength is moot unless there’s an app from the device manufacturer that knows how to properly send the right codes.

I would getting the bridge in a heartbeat if this wass possible!
If bridge and homey pro could talk to eachother through wifi and add sensors/ lights etc to the bridge.
I have already invested a lot of dough into my homey and dont want to add a monthly fee just to add a couple of devices.