Homey Bridge - Hidden Installation?

I have just bought a Homey Bridge, and I am currently refurbishing my flat. Now, I will have a concealed place where all my routers etc. are being placed. Now the question is, what use cases would I need the IR of the Homey Bridge for?

For the Aircon, it would not matter as I have several but just one bridge. I was hoping to conceal the bridge with everything else in the cupboard. Anything that would speak against that?

Thanks for the feedback.

IR is very nice. Things like amplifiers and TVs, maybe fans that only have a hand remote. Most amplifiers are connected to the TV (I have a stereo amp that I put a SwitchBot on to make smart), and TVs are normally connected to the internet anyway. So just check the stuff you know you want to connect - if it comes with a remote, then it might be IR.