Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)

I have a bridge account without a registered bridge for test purposes. I registered the devices via the Switchbot Hub. I tested your bridge app. Everything works. Very good work.


Thanks @Adrian_Rockall for your work! I’ve added SwitchBot to the list, both cloud and cloud+bridge categories.
Thanks @Undertaker for testing and posting the results.


Thank you for your work !
I’ve added all of my devices and they are working perfectly… Hope Athom accepts the app.
For what it’s worth, I’ve also contacted Switchbot.

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I use webhooks between homey cloud and ifttt. Works fine.

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Thanks, guess I have to learn how webhooks work :slight_smile:

OK, it appears the SwitchBot app will only be accepted if SwitchBot creates a developer account so I can transfer the app to them. Athom will only accept cloud apps from the brand manufacturer. So none of my apps will be available on the cloud.
Users have spoken, complaining that apps are made by the community and Athom have listened.

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But installing from a testversie works… only not in the long end if you have to release a new stable.

I don’t know if the „community“ wants only apps from brand manufacturers or not (I guess not!), but I know that there is a thread about a „Quality board for apps“.
Regarding this thread the „community“ wants flawless working and maintained apps.
If Athom is referring the quoted statement to this thread, then Athom didn’t get it and they are making their life easy.

Sorry that was my quote not Athom’s. But yes it was based on that thread and other messages I have seen where some users seem to equate poor apps with community developers. Personally I think a lot of the best apps are from community developers and they often provide the best support.
Also sorry to have wandered off topic.


I totally agree, Adrian!


Shelly does not require the bridge on Homey Cloud.

Check, and adjusted.

This is bad. Maybe i will return my bridge. Many brand manufacturer don’t work with atom and i asked some of them if they will in future and the said no.

Witch brand manufacturer said no?

Goove, Tuya (and some brands with tuya integration), Roborock and more 2 or 3.
I contact many brands and only one said maybe but not sure, SwitchBot.

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Tuya would be a big blow if they can’t get them onboard…

Tuya’s too busy with Home Assistant :joy:

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It’s funny you mention that. I recently heard Tuya have done a deal with HA…

Is this what your referring to … ?


Mmmm… I’m almost tempted to go down the rabbit hole and give HA a try…

Arrggg … It’s frustrating

I like the easiness of the Homey plateform and it’s overall stability , but HA seems to be progressing at great speed. I hear more good things about it everyday. More integrations… More connectivity… The GUI is improving…

Now that I have a Raspberry Pi I might give it a go and play around with it…