Daikin air conditioning & iPad controller integration

Just starting out on this ‘smart home’ journey. Have ordered a Homey Bridge and some Philip Hue bulbs. Thats it so far. I am talking to air conditioning installers at the moment to get new Daikin premium ducted system installed with linear airflow zoned 5-100% active air regulators and individual room thermostats. Am wondering if I could use a spare iPad for the wall controller with their Anyqair App installed, plus use Homey App for Smarthome flows? I’m not sure in that case if still need the Daikin Airhub, or what to ask for or what to leave out if integrating with Homey Bridge… Open to using Fujitsi, Panasonic or Toshiba though if these brands are meant to work better with Homey

Just as a heads up: of the brands that you mention, some don’t have an app for Homey, and the others have community apps that aren’t available for Homey Bridge.

thanks. Is Daikin ok?

No, none of the brands you mention have an app that’s available for Homey Bridge.

Additional info here and here

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