Kaisai air conditioner

Is there any way to connect My air conditioner- Kaisai? Today I use NetHome Plus app on My iPhone(WiFi) where I control the conditioner.


Hey there,
I have KAISAI ECO KEX AC in my home with Wi-Fi module.
Is it compatible with Homey Pro?


probably not Homey App Store

Was already asked here: Kaisai air conditioner

If it isn’t yet created and you want it please read this post and provide enough information: Homey Pro Community App Requests

And/Or ask the brand KAISAI to support Matter or Create a Homey App

Therefore moved / Closed

Thanks for your answer. :wink:

I have another question - if there is no any app on Homey App Store for device “X” it will not be compatible?
For example, I have underfloor water heating and I want to buy thermostat on Zigbee - it should be specific thermostat or any thermostat with Zigbee will works?

What about using an IR blaster with Homey?