[Info] Homey - Homey Bridge - Homey Pro Maximums / Limitations

Well, that’s just a matter of changing wifes! :joy:


Hey Geurt,

I was wondering,
Homey (cloud) without bridge > does it allow for f.i. the certified Aqara zigbee app to be installed?

Or is just a “you’ll need the bridge for this app” message shown?

Or can you just install it, regardless?

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The sphere will grow on you after awhile. When she see’s it in person she will find it’s not that bad.

I personally think it looks pretty good. Maybe some different colour choices or finishes would be nice. Maybe they could make some optional skins for it …. Hmmm (business idea)

The problem with the Bridge (and also the new Amazon echo’s) is you can’t see the LED ring as well as the ring is right at the base of the unit.

It’s great if your always standing up, but when your sitting down its not as viewable.

With the LED ring being higher up on the sphere you can see it no matter if your standing up or sitting down or where ever you are in the room. It’s always clearly visible. A very good functional design choice.

My Homey Pro sits on top of a tall Hi-Fi speaker. I would not be able to see the LED ring if I had a Bridge in the same position and I was sitting on my couch…

Some may say who cares about the LED ring. Other than looking pretty cool (in my opinion) once you’ve set up a door bell , security system , or you need to know the status of different modes , etc etc it can become very handy…

If any of my motion sensors trigger around the outside of my house it will glow red… for example …

I think she will eventually like it, but everyone has their own taste.

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it depends :wink:

The strange is: The Web interface and so also the More … - Apps - + to install apps it just installs.

But if you select Devices - + Install Devices - and type a brand or device you can select the App (fe Aqara or Fibaro ) Select the Device - Then you get the message “Homey Bridge Required” as below.

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Thanks for checking, Geurt.

Well… that’s a bit odd indeed .
So the app install routine is not aware of a bridge, and doesn’t say up front, in case of f.i. a zigbee app: “Buy a Bridge now!”, and provide for a direct link to the Athom store to speed up the sales :grin::wink:

Please explain to me, when one should buy a Pro or the cloud solution with a bridge.
I get it that one owns the hardware vs paying a subscription fee but otherwise I cannot see the major difference but that the latter is new technology.

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The Cloud/Bridge is an entry-level home automation solution, it works with most popular brands (at least popular in NL/EU) and is cheap. It’s also limited: apps that provide support for local networked devices, or offer useful tools (timers, logging, database support, Homeyscript, Homekit, etc), are not supported by the Cloud/Bridge (and probably will never be supported).

There’s also a dependency on a good stable internet connection. If you don’t have one, you may run into automation issues with Cloud/Bridge because nothing is run locally.

If you want a (mostly) local solution that supports all Homey apps, you need a Homey Pro.


At the Beta status page, the list of available apps has been added

Found a big issue!
Maximum number of FlowFolders reached: 50
Very low limit, for infinite flows allowed?

not sure it is a big issue, as with 50 Flow Folders someone according to Athom probably falls in the Pro users category.
Where did you find the "infinite flows allowed? " as I don’t remember where that is said by Athom and I personally also expect that is somewhere limited in Homey (cloud).

Have you already reported your Issue to Athom here The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey

I can confirm that at this moment there is a 50 FlowFolder limit in Homey (cloud) that isn’t in Homey Pro (local) (tested up to 135 folders)

I am very curious how you organize your Flows / use FlowFolders

Will move your message as it relates more to the Topic [Info] Homey - Homey Bridge - Homey Pro Maximums / Limitations
Also updated the Opening post.

Where did you find “only 50 flow folders allowed”? What other Cloud limits should users expect?

  • “The number of characters in a flow name is limited to 13”?
  • “The number of logic variables you can create is 5”?
  • “The “The time is” flow card trigger will always start 59 seconds too late”

Oh wait, the last one also applies to Homey Pro.


As stated in my opening post, a couple of things are not specified by Athom.
For FlowFolders, I Just tested it to confirm it for Homey (cloud) but this limit isn’t in Pro up to my test of ~136 flowfolders.

So it’s perfectly reasonable for people to complain when they find out there’s apparently a limit of 50 flow folders for Homey Cloud. It also doesn’t make any sense to impose such a limit, because flow folders aren’t functional (limiting the number of flows otoh would make more sense, and I’m sure those are also limited, it’s just that no one has hit that limit yet. But these limits should be known to users before they decide to choose Homey Cloud over the Pro).

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I hope you directed this to Athom and also send this to them by contacting support or on slack.

Why? They are reading this forum to pick up requests, ideas and worries from users, don’t they? Ideas / Feature Requests (New info 2021)

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I just ran into the limit. Organization is key. I have about 80 devices in my homey cloud/bridge.
Not willing to count the number of flows, maybe three in average per device. Zones help a lot by grouping devices.
Waiting for more apps published to add more.
Of course i reported it, via the beta issue form.

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No need to, just run the example script on the developer webAPI playground

I had no clue, but I just counted 90 flow-folders on my Pro, with ~500 flows.
A max. of 50 folders is a bit low imho.

Now I’m curious if there’s a zone limit too…

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Hey all! These limits are to be tweaked, and they’re mainly there to prevent programmatic abuse (imagine a misconfigured web api script in a loop).


You don’t trust Athom’s own developers? :wink: