Why are some apps greyed out?

Hi, Im new to Homey.

Why are some apps greyed out? Like Ring, Nest, Tesla Smart Charger etc

Hi Nico, welcome.
Please read this first: Problems with Homey

Sorry, Im using the new Homey Bridge.
Are those apps not Bridge compatible, and only available for Pro?

Correct you can see that in de App Store:

So this App doesn’t install in The Homey (Cloud) with or without Bridge.

Additional, this shows also the availability for the cloud/bridge version

And take a look at the Community made overview here

Ah ok thanks for answering.
I assume apps will be available to Bridge as time goes by, I mean since it new.

So how do I Install the beta?
Its not showing up.

The Ring app isn’t published for the beta (yet). See the link at the bottom of my previous post for an overview of available apps.

Alright, guess Ill have to wait.
Bridge is then pretty limited imo.

Athom strongly prefers brands to provide apps for Homey Cloud/Bridge (so much so that it feels like they are actively discouraging community developers from developing Cloud/Bridge apps). All the apps you mention are community-created apps, so they may never becoming available for use with Cloud/Bridge, but you’d have to ask their individual developers if they have plans to add Cloud support.

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most likely not going to happen, the developers have to pay to get a bridge license and athom want manufacturer to release these apps themselves.
They want the commitment that the apps are always up to date (on release new product, instant app updates etc), community developers simply can not give that guarantee.