Connection error all the time after v 5.0.2

Are there more people who have problems with Homey losing contact all the time and that you can not connect with the app?
This since the update to 5.0.2.
Must be tested more before they release new version! : frowning:

Hi here a moderator from the Netherlands,

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I have had no connection Issues here with v5.0.2 or even v5.0.4 now, nor hear many on the community or on Slack.
The Experimental versions are extensively pre-tested at Athom, in the AATP Community Test group and probably by a couple of 1000 users running it as Experimental before it is released to stable. If you want to complain about that please contact Athom direct as it is of no use to complain at the Community.

In case you want more help from the community to solve your issue, please read Trouble with Homey? and report more information and in your case maybe even information about your WiFi Network. (or specify clearly what you experience for connection problems so the community can verify.)

Have the same problem. It goes offline random.
I reboot and it will not go online. I leave it and after several hours it goes online. Then it goes offline after a couple of hours.

Have you looked at:
Problems with Homey?

About the USB Adapter?

Changed USB adapter yesterday. This have never happend before i updated to 5.0.2

Did the issue still happen with the other adapter?

this can also be a phenomenon that we call a coincidence
is one related to the other or has there been another unspecified incident or change that is the cause?

I have the same issue since the last update.
My homey keeps going offline for some reason

Had the same problem with the old USB adapter.

Now its online again after 10h…

Have now disabled some flows to see if some problems within them.

Resolved when I replaced the USB-contact. :slight_smile: