How to use the VThermo app with Mill

Hi! Newbie here. I’m trying to get the VThermo app to control a Mill heater in the same zone. As I have understood I just have to place them in the same zone and everything will work. I’m using a Netatmo sensor, and that’s working well, but there’s no connection between VThermo and the Mill heater. What is it that I don’t understand here?

And to be sure… you have a homey??

Hehe… yes :slightly_smiling_face:

fre. 4. des. 2020, 16:58 skrev Roy Wissenburg via Homey Community Forum <>:

Haha ok then. Maybe share some screenshots, flows so that people who using the same devices can help you a bit better.

Also maybe want to read this Topic

Or here in English. :wink:

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Thanks. Homey v4.2.0. VThermo v1.3.8. Mill WiFi v1.0.7.
I have no flows with the VThermo yet, I thought that was the point with the app. That it will identify heaters in the same zone and take control over them. The app has identified the thermostat of the Mill heater and is updating it with target temperature, but the heater is still controlled by the internal thermostat and not the VThermo (it is the temperature of the internal thermostat that trigs the heater to turn off/on). And I can’t turn off/on the heater with the VThermo.
The problem might be the Mill app. There’s only one advanced option (it would be interesting to have an external thermostat option). Maybe it is not showing itself as a heater but as a thermostat in the Homey environment? But how do I check that?
Screenshot of the VThermo settings: (As a newbie I can only have one picture per reply)

Did you ever solve this? I have the same issue. I use VThermo with Sonoff TH-tasmota thermostats without any problem but it seems the Mill radiator does not report itself as a heater in the Homey environment and thus is not controlled by the VThemo-thermostat.