Add Virtual Thermostat problems


I want to control a fibaro smart plug where I have connected a MILL heater. I installed Virtual Device and added a thermostat.
I have an external temperature sensor from Aqara that I need to get temp. info from. I have made 3 flows to control this. But it doesn’t work quite right.
It can’t read the correct temperature from my temperature sensor. It shows only 22.5c. And does not change if the temperature in the room changes.

I only manage to “override” the temperature manually so that the oven turns on / off.

Is there anyone who can help me and see what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve tried the Virtual Device and Vthermo apps.

Here is 2/3 flows (can only post 2 links??)

And here is temp.sensor and thermostat temp:

Here is the 3/3 flow:

I have exactly the same issue.
I have 4 Mill heaters in my living room which I want to control based on an Aqara temperature sensor using VThermo. The only thing Ive achieved is to set the thermostat on the mill heaters, but they are using their internal temp sensor to turn on/off.
Did you find a solution?