Use VThermo to control smart plug

Hi, I am trying use the VThermo app to control a panel heater using a temperature sensor and smart plug. I have no problems setting it up so that the “thermostat” reads the temperature from the sensor. However, when I try to change what is plugged into the smart plug to heather (I have tried two different ones), I get this error message “device:%20should%20be%20string%20(%23/properties/note/type)”. The “thermostat” does not turn on/off the smart plug when it is defined as a generic smart plug.

Any ideas what is causing this issue?

Yes, this is a known issue with the mobile app. Search the forum for the relevant thread about it.

Thanks for letting me know. I have tried searching for a thread about this, but I could not really find anything. In any case, I tried changing this setting in the web app, but there I don’t see this setting at all… Is there any known workaround?

It’s discussed here:

Yes: Error when change device type (Homey Mobile App < v7.5.0) - #20 by robertklep

Excellent, a space in the note field fixed it!

So with your tip @robertklep, I manage to get both a heater and a temperature sensor in the same room as the virtual thermostat, but I am still not entirely sure how this “thermostat” works… Unlike a regular thermostat/heater, there is no choice of modes (auto, heat, cool, off) and it does not give an option to set a target temperature, it just shows the current temperature.

Must a number of flows be set up to have it work properly?