Trouble with VThermo and wall plug

I’m as new as it gets with Homey and I have some trouble with the VThermo app. I have installed it in different zones with a Aqara temperature sensor and a wall plug tagged as heater. In some sones the VThermo doesn’t seem to activate the wall plug when the VThermo has been activated. Sometimes it doesn’t deactivate the wall plug either.
What am I doing wrong, or is it something buggy with the system?

Best regards

When it doesn’t (de-)activate the plug, can you still control it directly through the Homey app? That way, you can determine if the issue is with the VThermo app or with Homey not being able to control/reach the wall plug.

Yes I forgot telling that. This I can.

In that case it’s likely something to do with Vthermo (which I don’t know, so can’t really help you out with it).