Bug in combination of Vthermo + Homey Heating Scheduler? Bis

I use the VThermo App 2 by @balmli with the Homey Heating Schedule 6 App by @Markus to control my house heating.

Here are my beginner flow :slight_smile:

For some reasons, it doesn’t work well all the time. Sometimes Relay should switch anr they doesn’t.
Sometimes I open the flow, click on check and the relay change status.

Any idea? Or help to improve my flow. They are basic but I can’t see what is wrong.

I guess it’s a typical Homey problem and has nothing to do with the apps.
Add delay’s to the action cards:
— 1. card without delay
— 2. card 1 second delay
— 3. card 2 seconds delay
— 4. card 3 seconds delay

Just try it out if it will solve the problem.

Hi Fantross,

Thanks for your proposal. After several days if test unfortunately it doesn’t work.

When vthermo is changing state, flow doesn’t always work. It’s really annoying because I can’t repeat this issue all the time.

Then I can’t help, unfortunately, because I don’t use either app, sorry.

Hello Frederic,

To be able to track errors, I’d like you to first add timeline notifications / Simple Log app THEN & ELSE cards to your flows.
(I add SimpleLog cards to each and every flow, while the timeline is unreliable (can get rate limited), and lacks a sort & search function)
This way, you can discover:

  • No notification / no log entry: trigger didn’t work
  • Notification present / log entry present: trigger & flow worked, but the device(s) didn’t respond.

Flows which only sometimes work / not work is AFAIK not Homey’s fault.