Some cards in Tuya App (v0.2.18 test) did not work after Update to 10.1.4

After updating to 10.1.4 some flows on my Homey pro 2023 did not work, especially this one:
I do not know, if that happened because of the update or just because of taking my Homey off-line and have it started again in order to achieve the update or any other reason just as co-incidence. And I do not know, how many flows are affected.
Being somehow helpless, I just replaced the Then… card with the same card and saved the flow again and suddenly it worked again.
Just to give you a hint for similar effects.
If someone knows the reason or can tell me how I can check if any other flow is affected, please tell me.

Has nothing to do with the app or flows, but with the used delay in your ‘Then’ card;
If the delay of 60s was started,
but not finished yet,
and Homey is restarted during the countdown,
then Homey “forgets” the delay (it forgets ALL delays) when it is restarted.
The flow then no longer works, and lamp will not be turned off as a result.

A timer app like Chronograph does not suffer from this bug (Athom says it’s not a bug, while “Homey never has to be restarted”),
as it counts down to the pre-calculated timestamp, and it continues with that after Homey is restarted.

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What didn’t work with the flow? What Peter explains, or something else?

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Thank you @Peter_Kawa ,
yes that would be a good explanation.
But does that mean that none of my flows with delay work properly and I have to change and save them - or better I have to switch every delay to Chronograph?
I expected some issues, especially not to know the state of some flows. But this seems to be a real bug and not a feature.
So Athom should fix the bug or stop using delays for new flows and tell everyone that they should amend their flows. What does it mean, “Homey never has to be restarted”. I do local backups and probably one day I will be able to do that without restart. But as the USB-C socket is the same I need to connect to a PC for backup, I have to unplug the Homey Pro and restart it.
And local blackout is also something the device should be able to handle.

I asked about it, at the time advanced flow was introduced. Seems not important to Athom:

So, in my humble opinion, those delays are fine to use when the duration is one to a few seconds; the longer the delay time, the bigger the chance your flows don’t finish after a reboot.

When you back it up offline on a daily basis, I would replace all flow delays longer than 10s with Chronograph timers if I were you (or any other timer app with reboot surviving timers ).

Agreed. But Homey has it’s quirks