Advanced flow not working (or extremely slow)

After a few hours of searching, reading and browsing the forum (about 25 topics or so…) I think it’s time to ask for some help. Please help me with some advice, or point me in the right direction of another post. Appologies for the elaborate description below already :upside_down_face:

For 2 weeks now a very enthusiastic owner of a HP23. Bought a bunch of additional Tuya stuff upfront already, to only find out that the really fantastic Tuya app made by Johan Bendz did not (yet) support 90% of what I bought… :rofl:

But… it only made me more enthusiastic. Made a Github account, looked at some coding and decided that I should learn Javascript, add my own devices and try and help some others with theirs along the road. I am not a developer, so it will take some time if it’s going to be more than device IDs only. But can’t wait to start.

However, then I stumbled upon some buggy stuff I can’t wrap my head around… Known issues I read through and tried solving, but no luck. My standard flow and Advanced flow are not working correctly, or very slowly. (at least with a Zigbee device). I found the app “party lights” / “better lights”, but it did not exactly what I wanted and it looked like the devices became unresponsive, so I started testing stuff.

Boiled it down to a very simple example, which makes me doubt all my other flows, which are far more complicated. I want to signal off/on/off/on/off/on with small delays to a Zigbee device (I have about 15 installed now, only 1 endpoint (paired last)). Can’t be more simple than an on/off flow, or am I wrong??? By the way, manually clicking on/of repeatedly is no problem at all!!! Up to the point of lets say 4/5 times per second :rofl: So, that works fine.

These are the flows I made and tested with (bigger delays don’t make a difference in performance):

The results for standard flow is that it is extremely slow and more or less breaks at the 2nd or 3rd card. Sometimes time-out errors, sometimes the flow finishes without actually doing the cards. Then after 10 minutes, or in after manually operating the devices it goes through the cards all at once (kept in memory???) Results for Advanced are similar, but seem even worse. On average about 25 sec. per card!!!, often 50 sec. No errors are thrown into my timeline either. Please help!

In the meantime, this is my CPU clock speed if it helps for additional info. (running completely idle, only 1 app active) Looks nearly the same when running commands. Read multiple topics on that and still don’t get it. CPU load not going over 23% when running commands.

See below a list of things I tried and tested already, none of which made a difference in the results of running the flows.

  • Tested with 3 different devices (and apps) in the flow. Tuya wall plug, Ikea light bulb, Lildl GU10
  • Devices within 2-3 meter of HP23 itself
  • Deactivated all apps, except the 1 controlling the device
  • Deactivated all other flows
  • Ran flows outside of simulation view
  • Interviewed devices
  • HP23 connected via Wifi vs. connected via ethernet adapter
  • I have the new powersupply, but also tested with a different one (Samsung super fast charger) No signs of undervoltage anyway, but still tried.
  • Tried shorter usb-c cable
  • HP23 updated automatically to 10.1.4 this morning, no difference

Nothing made a difference. Please advise. I am really enthusiastic, but this might be a showstopper for me if this basic stuff is not right. And maybe it’s me, then please tell me. I will await some responses and then will turn to Athom themselves. Thanks all in advance!

In the old standard flow, cards are not started sequential but all at the same time, so when you want tem to start them all, with a delay of one second in between, then you have to use delays of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 seconds.

It is normal that flows run slow in demo mode.

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Thank you, changed that. I actually knew that, but missed that somehow here. Standard flow works much better, not perfect, but okay.
The problem however is with the advanced flow (outside demo mode), I barely use standard flows.

Already tried PTP? don’t see that in your list.
Otherwise contact Athom.

I tried PTP and performance was a little bit better. Then I disabled WAN connection in setup mode. I know it is supposed to function as failover for the LAN, but I tried anyway.
Now the advanced Tuya Flow sometimes works okay. 90% of the time this 7 second flow takes between 35 sec and 2:30 min. Sometime the flow still “Breaks” and just stops, without throwing errors in my timeline. I still get network request failed en timeouts in the developer screen.

However, the same flow with an Ikea device, through the Ikea app performes perfect in about 95% of the cases.

So, test results for the same 7 second flow:

  • Tuya wall plug (Tuya app): sometimes breaks, time outs, network request failed, and in case it does complete the flow it is between 35 sec and 2:30 (most often above 2 min). This same flow in standard for also performs very bad.

  • Ikea RGB light bulb (throught Ikea app): 95% of tests steady 7 seconds

  • Lidl GU10 (through Lidl app): steady 14 seconds

  • Tuya GU10 (added as generic Zigbee device): steady 7 seconds

  • !!! Same Tuya wall plug, added as generic Zigbee device: steady 7-8 seconds…

So, I might conclude the advanced flows performance are very, very much App related… in case of the Tuya wall plug.
Not going to contact Athom on that, also since the Tuya app is not supported by them. I’ll just take it as it is and now I know what to watch out for.