Advanced flow issue

I have a lot of advanced flows, used to have the old Homey (2018). After upgrading to 2023 the flows were migrated fine but they work just intermittently.
As an example, one flow is for turn on lights in the evening and turn off late at night.
This flow starts by time or sunset, but it works sometimes and sometimes not, sometimes only partly. A few of the lamps light up or turns off.

Tried to recreate the flows same issue, and when the flow runs and fails I also manually switch the lamps. That is working so the app controlling and the connections is working fine,

It’s like the advanced flow is broken. Anyone else sen this behavior?
The advanced flows cannot be trusted which is a pain and the whole idea with automation.

I am out of ideas, is the the Homey Pro broken?

This sounds like your Homey is (too) busy. Have you checked its CPU/RAM usage? You can do so from Insights when you turn on the “Power User” experiment in the Homey app settings.

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Thanks for the tip

I do not looks like to much CPU load though

Try checking the “Last 24 hours” chart. And also check RAM usage.

I recommend adding log cards to every flow.
This way you’ll have a better overview of what happened, or wat should’ve happened.

There’s even a script to add log cards to all (or selected) flows in one go:


The logging thing helped me to figure where it’s failing.
Added log tabs everywhere. :slight_smile:
Homey fails randomly to manage the devices that are Bluetooth devices. (Plejd)

Already have other Bloutooth issues with Homey but this issue was solved by using the Plejd gateway for Plejd devices instead. Not the best solution but it works

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