Flow logic suddenly stops working with no changes

Hi all,

I have a couple of simple flows that turns on and off lights based on aqara motion sensors. I have had homey for a couple of months and they have worked perfectly. Today I realized they have stopped working. Upon inspecting, the flows “logic” function that calculates the luminance to know if the lights had to be turn on was giving an error. I deleted the card and re-added exactly the same functionality with the same parameters and they are now working again.

2 questions based on this, can anyone point on why could this have happened? and the most important one, how often do this things happen? I’m I gonna have to get used to fixing flows randomly?

Thank you for your time and support.

Did you reset the app? If they use battery’s, changed the battery’s, even if they say 100%.
Reset Homey? (Bridge, HP19, HP23?)

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Hi @Matheoux,
theis seems to happen with several Apps from time to time and is not satisfying.

Next time the first thing you should do, is trying to identify the origin of the issue, eg. do the motion sensors fire - or do the switches, sockets lights have some issue? You can do it by testing the flow from different starting points or by some debug methods. I often use funny text variables where I write some status information. and then I can see later what was the last action. Or I write some numeric values to an numeric variable like 1 switched on by the flow, -1 switched off and 0 for no action on the switch. Then I can check what happened when in Insight.
Do you have some delay cards or similar in your flow, etc. These seem to block the flows, if they are delaying during a power-off or shutdown of the homey. So use them rarely and only with very short delays.Then check the easiest way to solve it. Rewriting the flow is not a good idea, because it cannot be automated as far as I know. See what @Mike1233 wrote. Yo can even try to disable and enable the flow, or at last resort before doing manual stuff like change batteries or rewrite flows, reboot your homey.

Then you can try to find a detector, if the issue occurs, either by error path in advanced flows or not changing values, even if you know thy should have changed (change in power or energy, not reacting sensors at windows that are opened frequently or no movement in the bathroom although you are at home and visit the bathroom regulary.

Finally you can write some flows which try to mitigate the issue as good as possible.

If… something is strange And… additional conditions Then… disable Flow aaa and enable it again, restart App xxx or restart homey or send push notification or WhatsApp/Telegram to yourself “Something is strange with flow/device/…cde, please check, change batteries, or do something else”

So good luck
I had issues with the delay cards and switched most flows to some timers like chronograph. I had issues with my energy service App tibber and when there are no new prices for four (probably needs to be adjusted) hours, restart the tibber App and send notices to me. And I have a lot of debug variables.

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To get help you should upload a screenshot of your flows. It is hard to tell what is wrong without seeing them. :wink:

Thank you all for the quick reply. I’m attaching the one of the flows that stopped working. As you can see it’s very simple. I was getting an exclamation sign in the logic card when testing it, again this was from one day to the other without touching anything in homey. After this I removed the logic card and created exactly the same one and it worked again. Cheers.

Yes, the first thing I did was to reset homey but the flow had the same issue.

That is fine.
What does the Flow show, when you push test?
Where does #luminance come from and what is its current value, when you test the flow?