Lights sometimes do not respond to flow commands

Some lights, from different brands and using different communication methods like LIFX and Zigbee, do not respond when they are switched on/off in a flow.

They always work correctly if I switch them manually using the Homey app.

I have put delays between each switch command, so the commands do not overlap.

It is really bugging me, as I do not undestand the difference between switching manually and using a flow.

Any idea what can cause this?


That’s not a lot of information you’re providing.

With firmware v8.0.4 there was exactly this problem, which was fixed with firmware v8.0.5.

But this is just a guess what could be the reason for your problem.

Thanks Fantross, that might have been the issue.Homey updated to 8.0.5, so I’ll wait and see if it is better now

Unfortunately this problem still exists.

Anyone else having this issue?

I never have seen a difference between operating a device myself, or letting a flow operate the same device.
Do you have any log or timeline cards added to all parts of your flows? That way, you can check what happened, and what not, and what was delayed. Keep in mind the trigger can’t work, or the condition (And) card(s) returned false instead of true;
in other words:
It’s not only the action part what can have issues in your flows.

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Did you ever contact Athom?

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My observation is that when actually just open an existing flow in edit mode but just exit again without saving, the flow can get stuck.

Just disable/enable the flow and it will start working again.

Must be a bug here?

Mobile or web app?
I didn’t experience this behaviour yet.

This is from Android app.

Have the same issue on my Homey Pro 2016 and 2019 (all on the latest software, as also all the app’s).
Also need to do a restart of Homey every +/- month. Got used to it.
Will try disable/enable proposal from @To_Lou . Thanks.
Have contacted the support team several times, without solution. Also difficult, because it were random flow’s that starting misbehaving.

Not yet, I trust the forum :slight_smile: but will do so.

Well, If disable/enable works, there must be some unwanted behaviour in the system (bug?)

So it remains a mystery. Still there are lights that do not turn on/off when I run a flow with a that command in it. Then, if I press the on/off button in the device control in the app, it turns on immediately and afterwards, also the flow works.

Does anyone know a way to debug that behaviour?

– Keep the flow